Our Planet
Wild Wisdom 2019: Exploring Our Planet

The Earth is our home, right? Now imagine this. The plumbing no longer works properly in our home planet and the bathroom is flooded. There is a hole in the roof. The garden has been cemented over. And someone has been playing with the temperature controls! Could you live happily in such a house, where things are falling apart?

But that's what happens on the planet we call home!
Wetlands are being drained, grasslands and forests are being replaced by buildings, rivers being dammed up, sea levels are rising due to melting glaciers, seasons being altered - and everyone knows about the hole in the ozone layer! These changes are so great and damaging that it will be difficult for anyone to live on this planet much longer.

Unfortunately, it’s us, humans, that are causing this damage to the Earth - so it’s up to us to fix it! In order to save the future of our beautiful Earth, we need to know all about her - to look around us, observe the changes that are taking place and come up with ways in which we can help.

The theme of Wild Wisdom 2019 is just this. The theme of Wild Wisdom Quiz 2019 is inspired by Our Planet - a ground-breaking eight-part nature documentary series streaming on Netflix from April 5th, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. A collaboration between WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films, this series showcases the planet's most precious species and fragile habitats as they've never been seen before, from the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the diverse jungles of South America. WWF's Living Planet Report, released in 2018, revealed the scale of human impact on our precious natural world. Our Planet shows the true splendor of the natural wonders that we risk losing but will also bring a message of hope: we can still save our planet if we act now.

In Wild Wisdom 2019, you will learn about, and be quizzed, on these fascinating biomes and their features like:

School Level
- Temperature, climate and locations of biomes
- Common wildlife and flora
- Endangered/Extinct Species
- Adaptation

State Level
- Tribes or indigenous groups living in biomes
- Challenges to life in biomes
- Endemic wildlife
- Indian biomes
- Interdependence in biomes

National/International Level
- Latest news on biomes
- Issues and solutions faced in various biomes
- Extreme adaptations


Deserts are home to some of the most fascinating animals in the world - they survive in harsh desert conditions due to their unique features! And grasslands support grazing animals like deer, which become food for apex predators like lions and tigers.


Freshwater is our planet’s most precious resource - without which, our survival would be impossible. Freshwater not only supports us, but also the millions of creatures that live in its depths.


Forests provide us with many resources, including oxygen, food, paper, building materials, medicines - even chocolate! Forests cause rainfall and filter freshwater. But most importantly, they are the lungs of our planet, and soak up carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Which is why we need to protect them!

Frozen World

The icy regions of the Arctic and Antarctic may be frozen and far from us - but whatever happens there, affects us too! Melting glaciers mean rising sea levels near the coast – because we are all connected.


Oceans provide us with food, purify the air and help to regulate our climate. They are vital to our health and the health of the planet!

Man & Nature

Oceans provide us with food, purify the air and help to regulate our climate. They are vital to our health and the health of the planet!


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Dates for 2019

School Level:
July to September, 2019

State level:
October, 2019

National level:
19th November, 2019

International Level:
20th November, 2019


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