Implementing the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) -WWF partnership of Aichi Target 1

The WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz that started in 2008 as a modest initiative in just one city, today reaches out to 51853 students in 800 schools in 260 cities and 14 states in two countries. The quiz works to support and align with targets set at Aichi between the Secretariat of the Convention for Biodiversity (CBD) and WWF-International. Thematic in nature, the Wild Wisdom Quiz promotes people’s understanding of the value of biodiversity and enables acceptance of the steps necessary for its sustainable use (CBD Aichi Target 1).

The Quiz is an ideal platform to reach out to young minds, and embed the seeds of environment conservation through a fun-filled and interactive learning experience. It’s outreach format has the ability to cross national borders to create popular awareness of the wonders and values of biodiversity and the steps to be taken for its conservation and sustainable use. Targeting children in their formative years, from primary, through middle school and going all the way up to high school, Wild Wisdom today has the potential to be widely-used as a broad-spectrum antidote to treat our ailing planet. Moreover, since it targets the change makers of tomorrow, it has the potential to influence policy changes for the future which is CBD Aichi Target 2.

Based on this rationale and strong belief, WWF-India initiated and has nurtured the Wild Wisdom Quiz from its conception through its infancy years to create in children a love of the natural world by imparting knowledge and understanding in a fun-filled manner.Now in its 11th year, the Wild Wisdom Quiz 2018 aims at participation from other APAC countries.

Primary Level (Class 3-5)

• School level
• City level(Finale)

Middle School (Class 6-8 )
Senior School (Class 9-12)

Wild Wisdom Quiz is an initiative towards enhancing knowledge and creating awareness among students about environment, wildlife and the threats posed to it.
It aims to create awareness about WWF-India and inspire students towards green careers in conservation, renewable energy and sustainable development.
It helps develop 21st century skills - critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork and leadership.
It is a perfect platform to reach out to young minds and instill environment consciousness for a sustainable tomorrow.



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Wild Wisdom Quiz dates
School & City Level - August- September
National Level- 4th October , 2018

Online Quiz -
Phase I- 2nd November, 2018
Phase II- 5th November, 2018
Phase III- 12th November, 2018

Online Quiz Helpline Numbers.
011-4150-4790, 011-4150-4792
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