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Jungles and Us

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4. Priyangshu saikia, Class 7, Don Bosco School Panbazar, Guwahati

Jungles and Us
Jungles of our planet are special! They are the oldest and most diverse ecosystems on our earth. Jungles are the forests with the most plentiful and diverse wildlife present near the equator (in tropics and hot & humid climate), where they do not experience the seasonal changes that are felt in the North and South poles. This rich biodiversity is a result of the constant warmth and unchanging temperature all year round. Did you know that a small area of jungle can be home to a huge amount of wildlife? Yes, in the Amazon rainforest, 2.5 sq km of jungle can be home to more than 50,000 insect species! Unbelievable! right?

Because of the unchanging temperature of this biome, some species find it difficult to cope if their habitat changes. This means, that when human actions have an impact on a jungle it can cause serious problems for the wildlife living there. Lots of species in jungles are dependent on each other for their survival. This means that if one species is harmed it can also cause problems for other species in the same part of the jungle - or even in other areas.

WWF WWQ 2020
We depend on jungles but we risk losing them if we don't act now. Let's get on an adventure in the jungles of Earth in this latest issue of Wisdom Nuggets.

Jungles are perhaps the most endangered habitats on earth. In the Amazon basin, we are currently losing an area of rainforest around the size of 3 football pitches every minute because it is being destroyed by humans for timber,farmland, and to clear the way for roads. Destroying the jungle harms us all. People lose their homes, security and income. Animal species face extinction, and the planet becomes more vulnerable to climate change!
Watch this video and find out from Sir David Attenborough on how we can Save our Jungles. Gear up to answer questions in our fun quiz segment InQUIZitive!

Jungles produce oxygen, while soaking up a third of all the CO2 that we put into the atmosphere. Jungles create watervapour, which is carried by air currents and falls elesewhere as rain. They are also the source of many of our mos timportant medicines.

Even though we know that jungles are vital to our survival, we've been cutting them down at an alarming rate to grow more crops like palm oil and soy.
Read this article to learn more about Jungles and find out why farmers and governments have a key role to play.
Can you take a guess!?

Look at the image on your left and identify this species of reptile.

Found all throughout the jungles of India, it spends a lot of time in water since they are excellent swimmers. Their jaw bones are not connected, so they can swallow animals far larger than their head. Some have been photographed swallowing an adult deer!
Hint: It was also shown as Mowgli's friend Kaa, who could hypnotize animals in the famous "The Jungle Book"

(Answer to edition5 of Wisdom Nuggets: Myristica Swamps These swamps are the most primitive ecosystems in the tropical world spread across parts of Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra.)

Are you all set to take the quiz and gear up for the Wild Wisdom Quiz 2020!? Take this preparatory pop quiz and test your knowledge about the jungles of our planet.
When jungles are burned, more CO2 is added into the air. Sometimes, the burning jungles are sending out more carbon dioxide than the entire USA! Jungle loss is pushing many species towards extinction. We can change this.

  1. Watch - Watch this video and attend the WWF Talk on Orangutans and explorehow the future of this incredible species is connected to choices we make about everyday food and household products.
  2. Get Artistic - Create an artwork inspired by the rainforest. Learn about the Trillion Trees Project and what WWF is doing to protect tropical rainforests. Spread the word with your Friends and Family and tell them the importance of our Jungles.
  3. Become Voice for the Planet - People around the world are adding their voice to call for an urgent action. Act now and add your voice to help save our planet

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