Dragons in the Air
Starting their life as a grub at the bottom of a pond, dragonflies grow up to become sneaky and strategic mid-air hunters. It's that time of the year when we will start observing the "helicopter" insect, aka dragonflies. Don't you find it fascinating by how they effortlessly hover at one spot in the air just like a helicopter?
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Spectacular and charismatic are two words that aptly describe Dragonflies and Damselflies on our first glance. Since their evolution around 300 million years ago, Dragonflies and Damselflies have enthralled us through their expert hunting abilities and dramatic common names. Sadly, they are among the lesser known and studied creatures on Earth. WWF India's Dragonfly Festival 2021 is just around the corner! Glide into the latest edition of the Nature Nuggets and learn more about these magical creatures.

Started in 2018, the Dragonfly Festival aims to educate and inform the citizens about the lesser-known insects - the Dragonflies and their siblings, Damselflies. Click here to learn the difference between the two. This festival attempts to demystify these creatures and celebrate their integral role as indicator species in keeping our environment healthy and as predators to control the insect populations.
Colourful and fairy-like, with sheer delicate wings, dragon-flies have been around since when dinosaurs roamed around the Earth. Today there are over 5000 species dragonflies & damselflies across the world, with 480 species in India alone. In and around Delhi has a record of 51 species and WWF India's Dragonfly and Damselfly field guide features the 42 of these beautiful insect predators! Get your hands on this copy as we launch the fourth edition of Dragonfly Festival 2021.

Common Name: Wandering Glider
Scientific Name: Pantala flavescens

The Wandering Glider, also called as the Globe Skimmer or the Globe Wanderer is known as the world's longest distance insect traveler! They are known to travel for nearly 4500 miles (or maybe more) during their migratory journeys, often travelling for days at time over the open oceans!
It belongs to the largest dragonfly family in the world, represented by over 1,000 species spread across the world.

This insect-helicopter looks delicate but is one of the most skilled aerial ambush predators of the insect kingdom, capturing its prey mostly in mid-air using its feet. To avoid the prey escaping, it'll rip the wings off mosquitoes, termites, beetles, even butterflies and sometimes off other dragonflies.

Did you know, because of their incredible vision and aerial powers, they are an inspiration to many new technologies like drones!

Time to check your Nature Quotient!

Which of the following is NOT true for dragonflies and damselflies?

a. Forewings and hindwings of damselflies are equal in size and shape while those of dragonflies are unequal in size and shape
b. Damselflies are all females
c. Dragonflies have bulky bodies in comparison to damselflies

Answer to be revealed in our next edition!

Watch this fascinating video and learn how dragonflies see the world!

Previous edition Answer: The Malabar pit - is commonly found in the rainforests of the Western Ghats of India.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed it right!
The Saffron-faced blue dart, the Crimson Marsh Glider or the Stream Glory are enchanting titles given to iridescent and metallic Odonates. There is a lot more to learn about these delightsome species.

In this edition, take a green turn by brushing up your knowledge about dragonflies with our learning kit and train yourself to become expert dragonfly observers.

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Join us in the launch event of the 4th edition of WWF India's Dragonfly Festival 2021, in collaboration with Dragonfly SouthAsia Society. The festival will be launched in the second week of August and will continue till February 2022.

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